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Active Adult Communities
These are also referred to as first generation retirement communities. A typical resident would be a recently retired couple looking for an active, carefree retirement. While an active adult community may look like an ordinary residential neighborhood, there are typically age requirements allowing only people over age 55. Often the homes provide condo-type maintenance. On-site health care is usually not available, causing many residents to move again.

Assisted Living Communities
Assisted living is designed for seniors who need assistance with their daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, shopping, medication reminders and housekeeping. Most communities strive to preserve independence and dignity while assisting residents. Assisted living communities with 15 or fewer residents are often called group homes or family-style assisted living. Some have specialties such as Alzheimer’s or diabetic care. Larger communities with 15 or more residents are often integrated with independent living communities and/or skilled nursing care facilities.


Caregiver or CNA
Refers to day-to-day caregivers in senior living settings who may assist with medications, dressing, dining, etc. These are often certified professionals—Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs).

ContinuingCare™ or Modified (Type B)
This type of contract covers a specified amount of long-term care such as a percentage discount off the current market rate in the health center or assisted living area, or a number of ‘free days’ during a set period of time without a substantial increase in the monthly fee.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
Organization that offers multiple residential options and services, so you can stay in one community, even if your needs change. Residential options include independent- and assisted-living programs as well as skilled nursing. Services range from meals and housekeeping to recreational programs and emergency care.


Fee-for-Service (Type C)
This option provides financial flexibility since health care/nursing care benefits are not covered in either the entry payment or the monthly fee. The fees charged for health care services are comparable to private pay or market rates.


HealthyLife Services
A comprehensive program designed to enhance and enrich your active lifestyle by offering new opportunities for you in four essential areas of life: fitness, nutrition, active life and well-being.


Independent Living
Residents are self-sufficient and are able to plan and execute their days with no assistance with activities of daily living.


LifeCare®  or Extensive CCRC Contract (Type A)
This type of contract covers a specified amount of long-term care such as a percentage discount off the current market rate in the health center or assisted living area, or a number of ‘free days’ during a set period of time without a substantial increase in the monthly fee.

LifeSTYLE Promise™
Our all-encompassing ideology that residents deserve choices, control and flexibility when it comes to living their lives. At a Life Care Services community, we focus on delivering an extensive variety of services for a rare level of individualization. When it comes to service, every resident is given a personal, attentive approach to hospitality and customer service, at the highest standard.


A health insurance program, administered by the United States government, for people 65+ or those with specified disabilities. For more details on Medicare, visit

A health care coverage program for families and individuals with low incomes and limited resources. It is administered by individual states for their own residents. For more information about income and asset Medicaid eligibility, contact your local Family Independence Agency or your local health department.


Preferred Choice Dining™
Our Preferred Choice Dining program gives the flexibility to dine as you choose. You can enjoy a chef-prepared meal in the restaurant-style dining room, have a light lunch in the café or order from the take-out menu and dine at home. Each resident is given a set amount of money or credits each month to spend on meals/drinks of their choice, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Rental Communities
These are not always considered CCRCs. They may offer some continuum of care such as an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility. A rental community does not require an upfront entrance payment. Most offer some selection of services such as dining and housekeeping at an additional charge.

Respite Care
Support services for a caregiver or adult child, wherein a community or health center provides temporary care of a loved one with special, sometimes memory related needs.

Return-of-Capital® Plan
A type of Residency Agreement where a specified portion of the Entrance Payment will be refunded to the Resident or their estate.


Select Services™
Select Services, an innovative set of time-proven programs designed to offer Sagewood residents a complete range of lifestyle choices and opportunities.

Skilled Nursing Care
Nursing care is designed for individuals who need supervision and care on a regular basis but who do not require hospitalization. Skilled nursing, long-term or short-term, provides ongoing health care, rehabilitative care and restorative care under the supervision of a physician in a private or semi private room.