Resident Stories

What’s it like to wake each morning greeted knowing you are safe, secure and in the ancient beauty of the Sonoran Desert?  Especially during the unprecedented time, our dedicated staff continues to serve in ways that protect everyone’s safety, while also keeping them and their families in the loop with daily communication and activities.

“I officially moved in this year in March. I had visited several times and checked out several other places. I keep telling people back home that if I am this happy under these circumstances than I can only imagine how happy I will be when everything is lifted. Sagewood is everything they said it would be. I feel very safe and secure and I know the staff is doing everything they can and I have been very impressed with everyone and everything so I am not sorry I was here. I think I actually got the chance the see it at its hardest and it was very good so it is extremely encouraging. The place has been so nice. I walk every morning and I have never seen any trash or littering. Everything is so nice and I truly recommend it to anyone.” – Carole D.

“Everyone has been wonderful. Sagewood has such a outstanding staff and it has been a joy to live here. For instance, the other night we had a special dinner for us. It was shrimp or lobster tail with chocolate cake. Also during the day, the staff bring around little gifts. It can be an orange to an apple, maybe a puzzle but my favorite was they left a fresh flower one day and it stayed all week. Even during this time, we can go outside and walk around. We are still able to get exercise in several ways. We have a resident DJ who plays records for us and we dance together. I think Sagewood is the place everyone should live, especially at our age level. Meeting other people is so important and having different things to do. And you don’t have to be right with the people. I can go to my apartment and stay there or I can FaceTime friends I have or family. So that is what I have to say about Sagewood. I am looking forward to you coming.” Ann P.

“When we looked at Sagewood there were beautiful homes and amazing amenities. It was an easy decision. We are thrilled to be here right now. Management has done a great job and at the end of the day this place is very safe. We are well provided for and we tell friends and family that during this whole thing, we are get three meals a day and they also provide toilet paper so we can be here as long as we need with no issues. We think they are doing a great job and it feels great to know that we are in a place where we are the safest we possibly could be. It is a great place to be during this time because I am able to walk around or ride my bike. Management is being very cautious with how we are treated, how we get our food, all the supplies they offer us. It is a very comfortable place to be and we are fortune to be here.” Bill and Becky S.

Just like you, our residents were once weighing their senior living options. See what they like most about living here and why so many of them say, “I wish I’d made the move to Sagewood a lot sooner.”



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