As a senior today, you belong to the first generation to have multiple options for retirement living. If your children or another loved one is assisting you with making the decision to live at
Sagewood, it’s important for all involved understand every option.

Sagewood offers a commitment to your well-being and independence, as well as an assurance of health care if ever needed. That benefits everyone in the family. “Check out whereyoulivematters.com for additional unbiased, research-based resources to help you make smart, confident decisions.”  https://www.whereyoulivematters.com/

We’re here to provide you with the facts to help get you started. Below are answers to various common important questions.

If you or a loved one is considering living at Sagewood, now is the time to lay the groundwork for the future. Don’t wait for a health crisis to dictate where and how you or your loved one will live. You’ve already begun the process just by researching online, and your next step is to contact us to learn more information. We’ll send you valuable materials for starting the conversation and introduce you to a lifestyle that could help you or the important senior in your life live happier, healthier—and longer.

You’ve probably heard the term Life Plan Community, but what does it mean? Life Plan Communities, formerly know as CCRCs, provide a residential living for today’s independent, active seniors and most offer some type of on-site health care for the future.

What exactly is provided, along with the terms and conditions for accessing care, differ depending on the type of community? These same communities are now referred to as “Life Plan Communities” since a greater number of seniors recognize the value of securing future care while seeking access to an active lifestyle. That active lifestyle includes services and social, educational, cultural, and fitness opportunities that can maintain and enhance a person’s health to help minimize the need for future care. Less emphasis on “care” and more emphasis on “living” is the reason the name of this category of retirement community is changing.

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits offered by a LifeCare® (Type A) Life Plan Community–the most complete in terms of the continuum of care with the highest financial risk mitigation benefit:

  • Unlimited days of care in the on-site health care center
  • A full continuum of care at a quality, on-site health center in a private or semi-private suite
  • The initial cost may be perceived as higher, but only a Type A community like Sagewood mitigates the risk of paying for long-term care at market rate, with the confidence of a predictable 80 percent Return-of-Capital® Plan
  • Part of the monthly fee may qualify as a medical expense tax deduction
  • Amenities, dining, services, and maintenance-free living are included

A Life Plan Community (Type B) offers a modified plan:

  • Covers specified long-term health services at a discounted rate or a number of “free days”
  • Included health services are set over a period of time without a substantial increase in the monthly fee
  • Amenities, dining, services, and maintenance-free living are included

Here’s what Fee-for-Service (Type C) Life Plan Communities offer:

  • Financial flexibility with initially lower costs, but with health care paid out-of-pocket, as needed, at significantly higher market rates
  • Health services are not covered in either the entry fee or monthly fee
  • Typically allow outside admissions directly into the health center for short-term rehab, long-term assisted living and skilled care
  • Amenities and dining are included; some services may be offered at an additional charge

To familiarize yourself with more terminology, visit our Terms.

Sagewood is managed by Life Care Services®, a leader in all aspects of senior living, specializing in communities like Sagewood for over 4 decades. Through our many years of experience, we know that the word security means different things to different people. For some, it’s feeling physically safe in their environment. For others, it’s knowing friends are nearby. Sometimes it’s the relief and confidence of having a solid financial plan for the future—a plan that includes quality health care. Like all of our communities, Sagewood is designed to make you feel secure in every way. That includes a safe, tight-knit community that offers many opportunities to form deep and lasting friendships. It also includes our LifeCare® program that allows you to customize your living accommodations and transfer to the appropriate level of care—such as assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care—at virtually no additional cost, providing you a feeling of financial security and peace of mind about future care.

When choosing a senior living community, it’s critical to find out who owns and manages the community and to consider their reputation. Sagewood is managed by Life Care Services, Life Care Services leads the way in senior living with over 40 years of proven experience. This innovative leadership brings passion and performance through strong financial stewardship and lifestyle-centered services, as well as high-quality health services in communities as unique as the individuals who live in them. Sagewood is owned by a partnership consisting of LCS and Westminster Capital, LCS-Westminster Partnership IV. Under similar partnerships, LCS and Westminster Capital have developed four other successful Life Plan Communities since 2004.

The best senior living value combines a package of services and amenities with access to health care and assisted living—all for an affordable entrance payment. At a LifeCare® community like Sagewood, residents pay for services and health care in an affordable monthly fee rather than on an expensive a-la-carte basis.

Many communities also offer a choice of financial plans that refund a percentage of the entrance payment to you or your estate, depending on your preference. Simply put, this type of community gives you more value for your dollar without sacrificing peace of mind.

Your residency counselor will ensure you have all the information necessary to make smart decisions about the sale of your home. Through the Resident First™ Moving Advantage Program, you’ll be able to:

  • Choose a real estate agent from a highly skilled group of professionals to ensure you are getting the best representation
  • Choose an agent who is a good “fit” for you, as you’ll get two independent opinions and ultimately choose the agent and strategy that works best for you
  • Have the expertise of your residency counselor to work with you and your agent throughout the process

Your move-in coordinator will recommend that at least two agents visit with you before you make a listing decision. Each agent will complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home, a free analysis that gives you an understanding of the current real estate market and how it impacts the sale of your home.

Multiple opinions like this will help you make the smartest decision possible. Once you’ve chosen an agent to list your home, your move-in coordinator will work with you and your agent to establish the marketing strategy to list your home in the best possible light.

The move-in coordinator can also provide recommendations for professional organizers and planners, as well as movers. They can help evaluate estimates you receive for moving, and review the final invoice to ensure you received all the services required at a fair price.

Organizing and simplifying your household is a great way to focus on life’s most important aspects. That’s why experts who specialize in organizing and eliminating clutter are in demand.

A professional organizer/planner can provide hands-on assistance preparing for the transition process, overseeing the details on moving day, and getting settled into your new home. An organizer/planner can help you with space planning, packing, move coordination, document management, unpacking and arranging, effective storage, and decorating.

We promote a personal, attentive, secure approach to helping your family member become integrated into their new home and life at Sagewood. Every resident has the opportunity to participate in and schedule how services are structured and delivered. The choice, control, and flexibility found at every Life Care Services’ community comprise our all-important LifeSTYLE Promise®. This means:

  • A resident chooses where and when to dine each day—even in our health center.
  • Housekeeping services are scheduled at times that best fit the resident’s schedule.
  • Social, recreational and cultural activities are planned based on the preferences of the residents.