At Sagewood, there’s always something to do! We offer a wide variety of life-enriching activities where your personal choice is paramount.

In fact, many activities are initiated by Sagewood residents themselves. The Sagewood Institute of Lifelong Learning (SILL) is a good example. A committee of residents secures speakers and presenters from Arizona State University and elsewhere. Some classes are led by Sagewood residents who share their expertise on subjects ranging from cardiovascular health to photography. Popular with residents, SILL classes offer opportunities to challenge yourself intellectually, learn something new and stay sharp.

A well-rounded program for overall wellness.

SGWD1726Our HealthyLife® Services program is designed to offer opportunities in four specific categories that are key to maintaining your optimum health: fitness, nutrition, active life, and well-being.


You can take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or develop ones you already have! Set fitness goals, challenge yourself intellectually, and experience the arts and cultural opportunities here at Sagewood and all around the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Whatever your passion, you’re bound to find the activities that bring you joy and promote overall wellness.

  • Volunteerism
  • Swimming
  • Life-Long Learning
  • Musical and Cultural Events
  • Weight Training
  • Wii® Tournaments
  • Salon and Spa Services
  • Shopping and Cocktails
  • Dance Instruction
  • Wood-Carving Classes
  • Groups and Committees
  • Many, many more!
  • Tai Chi and Yoga
  • Educational Seminars
  • Strength and Cardio
  • Cards and Games
  • Off-Site Outings and Trips
  • Aquacise
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Posture, Core and Balance Classes
  • Book Discussion Groups
  • Current Events Discussions
  • State-of-the-Art Movie Theaters