What Residents Are Saying About Life at Sagewood

What Residents Are Saying About Life at Sagewood

Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, Sagewood stands as a beacon of senior living excellence, where residents not only find a home but a dynamic community that redefines their golden years.

As the sun casts its warm glow over the picturesque landscape, residents of Sagewood are embracing life with open hearts and joyous spirits. Many residents are happy to call Sagewood home, unveiling the unique stories and perspectives that shape the extraordinary life within this senior living community.

Let’s hear from the residents themselves as they share the essence of what makes life at Sagewood truly exceptional.

Ferne Avery

Meet Ferne Avery, a resident at Sagewood in Phoenix, Arizona, whose lively spirit echoes the sentiments of many who have found a haven in this senior living community. For Ferne, the heart of Sagewood lies in the people – the fellow residents, the dedicated staff, and the dynamic community that surrounds her.

Ferne doesn’t just describe Sagewood as a living space; she likens it to “day camp on steroids,” a testament to the multitude of activities and opportunities that unfold within its beautifully maintained facilities. The allure of Sagewood, for Ferne, is the diversity of experiences it offers, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond the conventional notions of senior living.

One of the unique aspects Ferne loves is the spontaneous encounters with people. Whether strolling through the well-kept grounds or participating in the myriad of activities, she appreciates the joy of simply bumping into friends. The community dynamic allows for both the comfort of solitude within one’s apartment and the excitement of venturing out to discover the day’s happenings.

Ferne’s favorite highlight is the Sagewood Singers, a choral group that meets on Tuesdays.
The Sagewood Singers not only offer entertainment but also exemplify the collaborative spirit that defines life within the community.

Her eyes light up as she describes the joy and fulfillment she finds in this musical community. “It’s just a wonderful thing to do, and I love it – I really do,” said Ferne. In fact, Ferne was dressed for a Sagewood Singers performance in the Rotunda.

What surprises Ferne the most is the vibrancy of Sagewood’s residents. “Their backgrounds, life experiences, and consequently, their expertise that they bring to the community are really wonderful. Many of the activities we have here are led by the residents, and it’s amazing what they’ve brought here,” she said.

For Ferne, choosing Sagewood was driven by a sense of security, the warmth of friendships, and the delight in diverse culinary experiences offered by the five restaurants within the community.

Sagewood is a place that seamlessly blends security, camaraderie, and culinary excellence – a haven where residents not only live, but thrive.

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Ralie Lawrence

Embarking on a journey within the welcoming corridors of Sagewood, resident Ralie Lawrence unfolds her unique tale of joy, community, and unexpected discoveries.

For Ralie, Sagewood’s allure lies in the harmonious blend of educational pursuits, musical enchantments, and the bright tapestry of diverse personalities. More than just a residence, Sagewood has become a haven for forging new friendships, nurturing the social fabric that makes life within its walls so special.

“I love having all these new friends here,” said Ralie.

The prospect of being surrounded by people and engaging in a plethora of activities are what Ralie eagerly anticipates each day. Sagewood, for her, is not just a residence; it’s a realm where every wish and desire are just a step away. The convenience of having everything at her fingertips, eliminating the need for lengthy car rides, encapsulates the essence of a life well lived within this vibrant community.

“Everything I possibly could wish for and want is right here at my doorstep,” she said.

Venturing into new territories, Ralie finds herself embracing the vitality of morning exercise classes – a fresh addition to her routine. While she humorously admits that the love for exercise is a gradual affair, the acknowledgment of its benefits adds a lively beat to her Sagewood experience.

The heartwarming surprise for Ralie lies in the genuine friendliness that envelops Sagewood. Embraced seamlessly into the community, she marvels at the staff’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being and happiness of every resident. The warmth, the care, and the constant effort to create a joyous and safe haven reaffirm Sagewood’s commitment to making every day count.

“I truly appreciate the friendliness of the people here, how easily they accepted me into this community, and the wonderful service that everyone on the staff here is providing to make each and every one of us feel welcome here, and to look after us and make sure we’re safe and happy. “

Ralie encapsulated Sagewood in three words: “Fun, busy and happy.” Each day unfolds as a vibrant canvas where joy, activity and camaraderie blend seamlessly, creating a masterpiece of a senior living experience that Ralie and her fellow residents cherish.

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Experience Life at Sagewood

Life at Sagewood is engaging, active, and filled with purpose. Our stunning community set on more than 85 acres in the prime Sonoran Desert sets the scene for your ideal golden years. If you’d like to learn more about life in our community, hear more resident stories, and discover how to get on our waitlist, give us a call at 480.573.8099.