Resident Run Committees Contribute to Wellness and Lifestyle at Sagewood

The best senior living communities understand the many benefits residents experience when they give back and work in collaborative ways with one another. That’s why Sagewood senior living community in Phoenix, Arizona has established a committee system that empowers the residents to work together to help shape the lifestyle and activities at the community. Providing such a structure for self-determination fosters a sense of independence, self-reliance and personal control—all elements seniors look to maintain as they move from their homes into a community setting.

Wellness Achieved Through Service

Residents that choose to serve on committees are immediately engaged with neighbors and peers, increasing their circle of friends and acquaintances. Committee involvement is a fantastic example of an activity that fulfills the community’s criteria of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, a framework that drives the exceptional, whole-person lifestyle found at the community. The Dimensions include: Health Services, and Environmental, Spiritual, Vocational, Social, Intellectual, Physical, and Emotional Wellness. Because wellness is not one-dimensional, Sagewood engages residents with a holistic and multi-faceted approach.

Committee involvement cultivates Spiritual Wellness by nurturing confidence, Vocational Wellness by maintaining a sense of identity and purpose, and Social Wellness by engaging and participating with others. Intellectual Wellness can be achieved through lifelong learning opportunities and activities that typically take place in a group setting. Physical Wellness, a category that is particularly integrated with others, depends on a variety of factors including maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Staying physically healthy is also easier when it’s a group effort! Emotional Wellness is dependent on maintaining positive relationships, as well as establishing new ones. Studies have also shown that continued connectedness with others leads to an increase in health-seeking behaviors and can contribute to overall well-being. Sagewood staff and residents also work to achieve Environmental Wellness by offering committees that work to create health living environments.

Committee Connections Cultivate Healthy Living

Committees contribute to a healthy lifestyle for the entire Sagewood community, but there are also individual and personal benefits for those who participate in the committees. Studies consistently indicate that seniors who are actively involved in service or volunteerism experience significant physical, emotional and cognitive health benefits. Community involvement, a sense of contribution and healthy social relationships help residents avoid a sense of isolation that can lead to depression.

Emotional well-being and social relationships are directly linked, and communities like Sagewood know how to cultivate and shape healthy and independent lifestyles. Shared experiences through volunteerism and service create connections and contribute to a feeling of purpose, while providing value and service to fellow community residents. An established committee system directly supports Sagewood’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness and fosters further independence and self-determination, leading to healthier, happier and more engaged residents.

To learn more about how the residents of Sagewood contribute to community wellbeing and have the opportunity to empower themselves and others, call 480-948-1398.