Tom Mumford

Meet Tom Mumford: Sagewood’s Director of Security

For those who have been at Sagewood for several years, you may recognize the name Tom Mumford. He is a friendly face, dedicated staff member and now has recently been promoted to Sagewood’s Director of Security.

Prior to joining Sagewood in 2021, Tom had an exciting and impactful work history. He spent twenty years of his life serving as a military police investigator for the United States Army. During this time, he was stationed all over the world including Korea, Maryland, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Germany, Louisiana, and Alabama.

After serving in the military, Tom decided to continue to pursue law enforcement. During his time as a police officer, he had several interesting experiences, including being the first officer to ever write a ticket for a spaceship.

“I was serving as commander of security staff for the shuttle refueling stops in El Paso, Texas when the Space Shuttle Endeavour stopped for several days to refuel. They were only supposed to be there for a few hours, so I gave the pilot a ticketed warning just for fun. NASA got quite a kick out of it because I was the first cop to write a ticket on a spaceship as far as anyone knew,” Tom said.

After serving in law enforcement for more than 45 years, Tom decided to start his greatest adventure yet – joining the security team at Sagewood. He started as the security manager and now we are excited to share Tom was promoted to director of security this past October.

In his new role, Tom oversees a team of 11 security officers, three EMT security officers, and the four valet staff members.
Under Tom’s supervision, the security staff is currently working on new initiatives to improve traffic safety across the Sagewood property including roadways and underground parking garages. The security staff is committed to protecting Sagewood residents and are regularly implementing ways to make the community even safer.

One of the most effective ways Tom and his team protects Sagewood is though the E-Cord program. If an E-Cord, or emergency pull cord, is activated anywhere around the property, Tom and the security team will be notified. Residents may also obtain a wearable E-Cord in the form of a necklace or as a wristwatch so if residents need help, security is quickly notified and responds to their location anywhere on the property.

While looking back on his time at Sagewood over the last two years, Tom explained that his most rewarding part of the job is connecting with residents, listening to their stories, and comparing their exciting life experiences.

When he isn’t at work, Tom enjoys traveling to Las Vegas with his wife, collecting classic cars and motorcycles, and spending time with his three rescue dogs. He also loves swimming and maintaining his backyard pool. He has two adult sons and a grandson who live in New Mexico.

If you see Tom around the community make sure to say hello! He is always available if you want to chat about the safety at Sagewood.