Josh Bredimus, Fitness Specialist

Meet Josh Bredimus: Sagewood’s New Fitness Specialist

Like 80 percent of college students, Joshua (Josh) Bredimus changed his major while attending Arizona State University. But unlike many students, this major change resulted in 20 years of a successful career in exercise and wellness. Josh recently made his biggest jump since this change in college. After working with luxury resorts for majority of his career, Josh decided to follow his passion for working with seniors and start his journey at Sagewood.

Josh is Sagewood’s new fitness specialist, and he will be working closely with residents and other fitness employees to grow the exercise programs in the community. He will be teaching group fitness classes, designing exercise workshops and helping create personal fitness plans for residents.

“The fitness program at Sagewood is already incredibly strong and I look forward to adding new aspects to it,” says Josh. “In the next few weeks, I’ll be working to add new programs designed specifically for residents with Parkinson’s Disease and new classes like pickleball prep and conditioning. I want all classes to be fun and offer the benefits of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.”

Although Josh decided on a career in exercise science in college, he found his enthusiasm for fitness long before then. He grew up in Arizona and one of the regular activities for his big family was exercising and enjoying the outdoors together. He played many sports growing up including baseball, judo and wrestling. Josh is still very active and loves to box for fun. While he is not at work or working out, Josh will be listening to podcasts on science, history and geopolitics.

“My goal at Sagewood is to make an impact in the residents’ daily lives and would love to see many people enjoy the benefits of exercise,” adds Josh.

Residents who are active tend to have a greater quality of life and retain a higher level of functionality in their daily lives. Group fitness classes are also an amazing way for Sagewood residents to meet with one another and enjoy the camaraderie of the community.

Josh leaves with this final comment, “I am so excited to be joining the amazing group at Sagewood. The community has been incredibly welcoming, and the staff has been really helpful. I am grateful for all the support during this transition.”

If you see Josh around the campus, feel free to say hello and if you are interested in getting to know him better, now is the perfect time to sign up for an exercise class. For more information on the fitness program at Sagewood visit: