Happy to Call Sagewood Home

Dr. Nick Rogers and his wife, Sue, have traveled all over the world, but are more than happy to call Sagewood home.

Sue and Nick RogersThe Rogers have lived at Sagewood for over six years and are among the first group to move into the community. “We closed just six weeks after Sagewood opened,” Sue explained.” We knew LCS had a partnership with the Mayo Clinic and that’s how we knew early about Sagewood opening.”

Living at Sagewood has met or exceeded the Rogers’ expectations in every way. They are more than pleased with the entire Sagewood staff, and are amazed at how efficiently items are handled. “Anything that may need refurbishing is taken care of immediately,” said Sue.

Because the Rogers travel often, around 100 plus days a year, they enjoy time in their beautiful apartment home when at Sagewood. “We live a rather private life at Sagewood,” said Dr. Rogers. “We don’t participate in all of the activities as much as many other people do because we are away so often.” While the Rogers believe they will be involved in more activities when they travel less, they do enjoy the lectures and fitness activities when they are at home.

The Rogers find great comfort in knowing that while they are away from Sagewood, they know their apartment is taken care of in their absence. “The housekeeper deep cleans certain areas and it is great
to return to freshly ironed sheets and a clean home.” The Rogers also love the fact that once a year their apartment is deep cleaned by a team of 3 to 5 people from top to bottom. “This gives us an incentive to do our own downsizing and Spring house cleaning, “Sue said.

In the past few months, the Rogers have traveled to Scandinavia, Hawaii, Alaska twice and recently returned from a trip to Glacier National Park from Seattle by train. Also on their list are Vancouver, Bermuda, and Nova Scotia. “Our kids think our travel schedule is a little crazy,” said Dr. Rogers. “But, as I like to say, we’ll stay on the horse as long as we can.”

Dr. Rogers is widely published in the field of Dermatology and has just published a book and is working on a second volume. In 2015, he was named Master of Dermatology by the American Academy of Dermatology. While on cruises, Dr. Rogers teaches a basic course in dermatology to primary care providers and a second course on oral dermatology to physicians and dentists. “It keeps me up to date and active,” said Dr. Rogers. “Being with the young people at sea is so much fun.”

Sue is passionate about reading, participating actively in three book clubs in the Valley.

The Rogers are also appreciative of the advantage of the Acacia Health Center’s offerings, having had five joint replacements between them, since living at Sagewood. They believe that living at Sagewood helps keep them happy and healthy. “It’s like being on a cruise ship on land,” they said.