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Fun Halloween Activity Ideas for Seniors

Halloween is a fun holiday, even if you’re not taking anyone trick or treating, but sometimes we need to shake up our routine and try some new Halloween activities. If you’re looking for new ways to celebrate, we’ve got several Halloween activity ideas for seniors that will help you get into the spooky spirit.

Halloween Activity Ideas for Seniors

Ghostly Tales

Maybe you’d like to write your story and send it to friends and family, or you could read it for them yourself. If your loved ones live close, you could all sit around a fire outside to create a festive atmosphere. You could also make a spooky story a fun activity with team storytelling. Pick one person to start the story, and after their setup, ask each person to add to the story. Depending on the group you assemble, your tale can become silly or scary. It’s a great opportunity to express your creativity on this holiday.

Boo Baskets

Here’s a fun game to play with neighbors, whether you’re in independent livingassisted living or skilled nursing. Put together a boo basket full of Halloween treats for  one to three neighbors, but don’t sign your name. Include a sign the recipient can put on their door that says, “We’ve Been Boo-ed!” Leave them instructions to “boo” one to three neighbors, meaning leave them treats and signs. Let the holiday fun spread around your neighborhood, and you can enjoy knowng it all started with you.

Halloween Trivia

Find out which of your friends or family knows the most about Halloween with a themed trivia contest. You could print out questionnaires and send them, but it would probably be more fun to ask the questions live.

  • Which London-born actor played Frankenstein’s monster in the 1931 film? (Answer: Boris Karloff)
  • Which ancient Celtic festival is thought to be the origin of Halloween? (Answer: Samhain)
  • Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? (Answer: Fruit)
  • Who wrote the novel “Dracula”? (Answer: Bram Stoker)
  • How many colors of M&M’s are in a standard bag? (Answer: Six — red, orange, green, blue, yellow and brown)

Door Decorating Contest

Challenge your neighbors to see who can design and execute the most creative Halloween-themed door decorations. Maybe you’ll cover your whole door in mummy wrappings, stuff striped tights and make it look like a wicked witch is squished underneath, or use construction paper to create a door-sized piece of candy corn. You can come up with a prize for the winner or simply bestow bragging rights.

Fun No-Carve Pumpkin Decorations

Fun Halloween activities


Use watered-down white paint, sponges and damp paper towels to create a unique aesthetic for your pumpkins.

Cover with Newspaper Clippings

Glue strips of newspaper articles to your pumpkin to create a papier-mache effect. To capture the Halloween theme, you can use newspaper headlines you find particularly scary.


Execute a professional-looking design or a perfectly executed picture with stencils and paint.

Applique or Lace

You can paint your pumpkin and super glue an applique or lace in a contrasting color to create a spooky Victorian vibe.

We always conjure the holiday spirit at Sagewood. If you’d like to know more about our vibrant lifestyle or more about the fun Halloween activity ideas for seniors we create for our residents, reach out to us. We would love to tell you more about our community.