EverSafe 360°

LCS is implementing its EverSafe 360° program at the Sagewood community, setting a new standard for senior safety addressing at the highest-level resident and staff needs surrounding health, safety and well-being.

A nationally-recognized leader of senior living communities nationwide serving 33,000 seniors, LCS recently launched EverSafe 360° featuring an elevated standard of safety for improving air quality, maintaining clean spaces, utilizing telemedicine, technology engagement programs for addressing isolation, and following the guidelines of the LCS Medical Advisory Board comprised of doctors and clinicians.

EverSafe 360° addresses every physical component and process at Sagewood including environmental health services, development and design, dining, community activities, clinical, marketing, purchasing, technology, and business continuity.

The creation of a clear and embraceable response program that enhances the
well-being, security and safety of Sagewood residents and staff is very rewarding to provide to our community.

Providing a continuous evolution of safety, LCS and the Sagewood executive team are committed to addressing the changing needs of every resident, family and employee with the multidimensional approach of the exclusive EverSafe 360° program.