holding keys to the independent living apartment

Benefits of Downsizing to a One-Bedroom Apartment

Less is more, an adage even truer in retirement. For seniors, living in a large home with a yard can lose its appeal. There’s continual effort and cost for home maintenance, and it may no longer be practical or safe the older we get. Sooner or later, we all need to find a space that matches our needs and keeps us comfortable without detracting from our quality of life.

Why Consider Downsizing to an Apartment for Seniors?  

According to a Merrill Lynch retirement study, most seniors make a conscious decision to move in retirement to be closer to family or to reduce their expenses. Life events such as losing a spouse or a change in health can also trigger a move. Most older adults would rather stay in their own homes for as long as possible, but the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has found that 7 out of 10 seniors ages 65+ will need long-term care at some point in their lives. Seniors without family caregivers nearby may find the cost and practicality of long-term care in their private residence prohibitive. Single seniors in particular may become increasingly isolated when they choose to stay put. For active, healthy older adults, downsizing to an apartment for seniors can be part of a proactive retirement plan.

What are the Benefits of Downsizing to an Apartment for Seniors?

A number of factors increase the appeal of downsizing to an apartment for seniors.

More Free Time

A smaller floor plan means fewer indoor chores to manage, less surface area to dust, and smaller rooms to keep clean. You won’t have to worry about servicing or replacing appliances like refrigerators or air conditioning units. You also won’t have to do any more backbreaking work in the yard or outside the house. At Sagewood, we handle all the outdoor maintenance so you can enjoy beautiful gardens and green space. You’ll have more time for family and friends, to spend on your hobbies, or to try something new…all the things you’d rather be doing!

More Convenience

Compared to being isolated in a suburb, downsizing to an apartment for seniors

brings you closer to a ready-made community of neighbors, plus a plethora of amenities. Ready for some exercise? At Sagewood, you can head to our fully equipped fitness center, join a group exercise class, or take the plunge in an outdoor or heated indoor pool. Feel like a night out? Join friends for cocktails in our lively lounge, and then enjoy more conversation over a gourmet meal in one of our dining rooms. Everything is under one roof, and just steps from your door.

More Room in the Budget

From cleaning supplies to servicing appliances to utilities, you’ll simply spend less when downsizing to an apartment for seniors. A smaller living space costs less to heat or cool. You won’t be paying hefty property insurance or tax bills. You’re also less likely to make impulse buys because living in a small space will force you to be mindful of storage. You can be more intentional about what you keep and what you display, and only purchase what you need.

More Security

Ready to travel? Simply lock up and leave. In a senior living community like Sagewood with round-the-clock security, your apartment and the belongings inside are always safe and sound. Our housekeeping staff will even water the plants or air out the rooms before you return.

More Reasons to Give

Downsizing your home is an opportunity to downsize your possessions. It’s the perfect reason to select and pass down family heirlooms you’ve been saving for the next generation. You get to see your children and grandchildren enjoy cherished collections and one-of-a-kind items that have meant so much to you.

More Freedom

The best thing about downsizing is the freedom you’ll feel. It’s nice to live where someone else is responsible for home maintenance and repairs. Where you can eat without the cooking and cleanup. A few doors down are friends you can gather for a get-together, and you can easily take off on a spontaneous trip out of town. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing your apartment and the items you really care about are safe and waiting for you when you get back.

There’s More of Everything at Sagewood

Downsizing to an apartment for seniors doesn’t mean you’re getting less out of life. From bocce and billiards to yoga and Zumba, there’s always something fun to do at Sagewood. With lifelong learning classes, art classes, book clubs, guest lectures and musical performances, you may be busier than you’ve ever been. Plus, within a short walk are our clubhouses and beautiful Town Center Plaza, giving you five-star, resort-inspired services and amenities.