Senior downsizing

How to Downsize to a One-Bedroom Apartment

Many seniors balk at the thought of downsizing to an apartment, but those who’ve made the leap typically say it’s the best move they ever made. They’ve seen firsthand how freeing it is to let go of the square footage and stuff older adults no longer need or want to deal with.

Downsizing to an apartment for seniors is certainly worth exploring, and one excellent option is to move to a senior living community like Sagewood in Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike a multi-age apartment complex, a senior community is designed to give you maximum freedom to enjoy life your way. This article takes a look at some of the great benefits older adults can gain from downsizing (especially to a senior living community) and offers a few tips on how to declutter without stress.

Why Downsizing to an Apartment for Seniors Makes So Much Sense

  • More free time. Naturally, when you live in a smaller residence and you’ve pared down, you’ll have less cleaning to do and more time for the fun things. Even better, when you choose an independent living apartment at Sagewood, housecleaning and maintenance are included in your monthly fee, so you never have to lift a finger for these chores ever again.
  • Plan for future health needs. One of the biggest advantages of downsizing to an apartment for seniors is that it allows you the chance to become “future-proof.” Sagewood, for example, is a Life Plan Community. As an independent living resident, you can opt for a comfortable one-bedroom apartment or loft, or choose a villa in the new Estates of Sagewood. If your health needs ever change, higher levels of care and living options are available on campus.
  • Apartment features designed for aging adults. Unlike units in a multi-age apartment complex, senior living communities design apartments with safety and accessibility in mind. They’re also designed for comfort, convenience, and connection. You’re steps from dining, social events, fitness facilities, and so much more.
  • Reduced costs for utilities, upkeep, even gas for your car. In a senior living community, certain utilities such as electric, water, and gas are often included in your monthly fee, so no more worrying about keeping the A/C on high. And because your apartment is maintenance-free, you’ll save on upkeep. Communities like Sagewood have scheduled complimentary shuttle service to take you to shops, appointments and many events, so you can leave the car at home.
  • Fewer possessions for adult children to sort through. Paring down isn’t only a benefit that helps you “live smaller so you can live bigger.” Your children will also appreciate not having to sort through a lifetime of your accumulated possessions later in life.

5 Tips to Help You Declutter with Ease

  • Take it slow. Decluttering a home you’ve lived in for years can feel overwhelming. Start with one room at a time and pick a room that doesn’t have a lot of emotional attachment, like the laundry room or a linen closet. Be logical – do you really need more than a couple sets of bed linens and a few sets of towels?
  • Donate, sell, gift, toss…or keep. Having a family member at your side can keep you objective about what to let go of or keep. Choose mementos carefully, or pass them on to a loved one so you can still see them from time to time. Create five piles – donate, sell, gift, toss, and keep – and focus on making the “keep” pile the smallest of all.
  • Enjoy giving heirlooms now. Has your goddaughter always admired your grandma’s china? Give it to her now so you can enjoy seeing her light up when she opens your gift. There’s no reason to let keepsakes gather dust and stay in your will. Share them with family members now. You’ll get to clear out more space and enjoy making others happy. It’s a win-win.
  • Know your new measurements. Downsizing to an apartment for seniors likely means giving up space you’re used to, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. Review the floor plan, and take careful measurements if possible, so you can get creative with the space. Look for ways to have large pieces do double duty as a table and a desk. Invest in furniture that includes storage features. Go easy on what you keep for your holiday décor – be sure cherished “keepers” will fit into your resident storage unit (or rent a small unit off-site if needed).
  • Opt for some fresh furnishings. The large pieces that fit fine in your house will likely feel overwhelming in a smaller space. Embrace the change as a chance to pick out a few lighter-feeling pieces. Opt for more refined styling like glass tops, smaller storage pieces, and couches that show a little leg. You’ll love the new look you create.

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