Cool Fitness Apps and Gadgets for Seniors

Consistent exercise has been shown to improve senior health, raise energy levels, reduce or manage illness and pain, relieve stress, and even reverse some of the effects of aging. With retirement and health changes, many seniors find themselves with more time to focus on their general well-being. Some seniors may have more time to hit the golf course. Others may simply want to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring their physical activity, sleep, and diet.

Would you like to track the distance and calorie burn of your morning swim? Would it be helpful for you to know how many steps you took at the park with your grandchildren? As the saying goes, there’s an app—or a gadget—for that! Below is a handy list of fitness apps and gadgets that may be helpful additions to smart senior living.

Smartphone Apps To Enhance Every Day

  • For seniors who are looking to track their dietary habits doctors often recommend keeping a food journal. My Fitness Pal is an easy-to-use food diary equipped with nutritional information for more than 5 million foods. This smart app integrates perfectly with most smartphones, making it extra easy to track daily eating habits. Need more protein in your diet? This app can help you monitor your protein intake to help you determine which foods you should eat next.
  • Pocket Yoga is the perfect app for seniors interested in improving balance and flexibility. With this app on hand, it’s possible to do yoga anywhere (outside, in a friend’s living room), at any time, and without any equipment. This clever program provides a personal, virtual yogi (yoga instructor) to walk through every position, and features three difficulty levels—from beginner to experienced—so it’s easy to practice at whichever pace is most comfortable.
  • FitnessBuilder is a great app for the active senior that wants to build more strength and endurance. Fitness Builder turns your phone into a virtual personal trainer! This app can help with launching a new cardio or strength-training regimen, and keep it fresh with 200 distinct workouts organized by fitness level.


Gadgets To Get You Motivated

  • Tracking sleep habits, heart health, and physical activity is easy with the Jawbone UP3. The UP3 comes in the form a fashionable bracelet and in addition to its health tracking technology, it also features a smart alarm for waking up at the ideal time. Its Idle Alert feature reminds the wearer to move if they’ve been stationary for too long, and it can connect with other UP3 users to share fitness information and even compete in fitness challenges.
  • Seniors that want to avoid wearing a bracelet, but still need an accessory that can track distance and calories burned can turn to the Fitbit Zip . The Zip clips into a pocket, on a belt, or even onto a swimsuit. It has an easy-to-use interface, is water resistant, features a barcode scanner and food database for logging meals, and can connect with other Fitbit users for challenges and encouragement. Because it allows for social sharing, this gadget is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones and encourage each other to stay in shape!
  • For those who would simply like to track steps and sleep, but would prefer wearing a device that looks more like a classic watch, the Mondaine Smartwatch is a good match. The gorgeous, Swiss-made design features MotionX technology and a discreet secondary dial that offers an at-a-glance look at progress toward daily distance and sleep goals. Preparing for a night out on the town? This option is perfect for dressing up with formal attire, or casual enough for relaxing at home.

Before selecting an app or gadget, it’s a good idea to consult a physician about changes in a fitness regimen. No matter your fitness or health goals, these clever fitness apps and gadgets are a great way to start living healthier every day.