Kelly Rider

Staff Highlight: Kelly Streck-Rider

Sagewood’s Desert Willow is excited to introduce Kelly Streck-Rider as the new Director of Admissions for Assisted Living and Memory Care.  She joins the staff at Sagewood after a 14-year career as the sales counselor at the Terraces of Phoenix.

Equipped with the passion, dedication, and experience from her years in the healthcare industry, Kelly provides stellar service to those she serves.  Streck-Rider spends her days at Desert Willow, providing tours to prospective residents and their families, along with resolving any additional inquiries. Also, she takes time to meet with the assisted living and memory care residents that might have any needs or concerns.

Originally, Kelly majored in early childhood education.  But it was when she worked as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) during her time at college that experience quickly changed her career path after finding a passion for the healthcare industry. She earned her degree in medical records and then transitioned into skilled nursing. After 20 years in healthcare, she has found herself with a great passion for the assisted living sector of health services.

Her passion for taking care of others shines outside of her position at Sagewood. Kelly is a dedicated mother of four and grandmother of three. When she is not spending time with her family or working, Streck-Rider enjoys traveling throughout the United States.  Some of these adventures have included beach trips to the Jersey Shore and even overseas to Monaco.

Kelly’s passion for winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and riding snowmobiles began during her active childhood in Wisconsin. Now she resides in north Phoenix, where snow is impossible to find, but she can still put on some ice skates and easily make her way around a rink.

Meeting the residents of Sagewood and find solutions to any problems they may have are just a few of the many reasons for Kelly’s excitement with this new opportunity. Her favorite part of working in assisted living is hearing the unique stories of those who live in the community and helping prospective residents make some of the biggest decisions to come for the rest of their lives.