On Stage, the Putting Green, or in the Art Studio, Buddy & Gloria Stein Continue to Make Their Mark at Sagewood

On May 12th, you might have seen these two youthful spirits leading the way singing with their son’s electric ukulele’s skills on display at Sagewood’s first live entertainment act in over a year at the community’s Sing-a-Long.  Buddy and Gloria Stein, who recently celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary, have been a part of the community for almost two years and continue to showcase their enthusiasm for living life to the fullest throughout Sagewood.

What residents might not realize is that Buddy has always been comfortable in front of a crowd and polished his infectious sense of humor throughout the New York City Comedy Club scene in his late teens and early 20’s.  His stand-up comedic prowess led to gigs on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the Merv Griffin Show.

An active member of the Sagewood community, Buddy just turned 90 years old, and his outgoing personality can be found in a broad mix of places.  “It’s quite easy to stay busy at Sagewood with all the activities available here at Sagewood,” stated Buddy.  Lively throughout the community, Buddy is a member of the Cinema Club in addition to teaching putting lessons at the gorgeous putting green course when he is not getting a workout swimming at the pool.

“From the friendly people to the countless fantastic ideas for shows and entertainment, Sagewood is a wonderful place to live,” Gloria expressed.  One of the additional entertainment ideas for the Sagewood residents is the Intrepid Travelers gatherings hosted by Buddy and Gloria. Always open to telling a story, these gatherings revolve around the fantastic stories by Buddy and Gloria, highlighting their exploits from their extensive travels throughout Asia and Europe.  These stories come from Buddy’s 60-plus years of working in the marketing and retail display business, where he was a buyer for major retail companies and department stores for seasonal displays and purchase displays that allowed the couple to travel globally.

“She’s my rock,” Buddy conveyed. Never far from Buddy’s side is his wife, Gloria. The Perth Amboy, New Jersey native’s passion outside her family is undoubted art.  The retired New York high school art teacher continues to enjoy creating her next masterpiece in addition to passing along her skills and insight to the future generations of artists.  For the past decade, Gloria has continued to lecture and guide area high school art students.  After a year away, she is eying a return to the art classroom this fall.

Buddy and Gloria are proud parents of two sons, four granddaughters, a grandson, two great-granddaughters, and their newest addition to the family, a seven-month-old great-grandson named after Buddy.

“Sagewood is a special place, and it’s everyone’s positive attitude, beginning with the staff.  They are a huge reason why this place separates itself from the rest,” Buddy and Gloria noted.  Buddy and Gloria Stein’s passion for life, family, laughter, and each other can be seen throughout Sagewood, whether on stage, the putting course, or in the art studio.

If Sagewood residents would like to join Buddy and Gloria, they are looking forward to the upcoming production of Sagewood’s Talent Show that will take place later in the year.  “We had over 25 acts ready for the show but sadly had to pause due to last year’s pandemic,” said Buddy.  “But we can’t wait to have a new show highlighting all the amazing talents that are here in Sagewood.”