Senior woman exercising with fitness instructor

When Exercising Meets Socialization with Sagewood’s Morgan Garrett

No matter the age, physical fitness is good for the mind, body, health. Morgan Garrett, Sagewood’s Senior Fitness Manager, shares information on the exercise classes offered in the community, why exercise benefits residents, and how to get involved.

Garrett has been working at Sagewood for over nine years and now manages the entire fitness program. He and his other three staff members have an educational background in exercise science. They use their knowledge to create personalized programs for residents and create fun, unique group fitness classes.

Residents have several options when joining the fitness program at Sagewood. The most popular form of exercise is group fitness classes. Morgan and his colleagues teach 22 residents at a time in these courses. However, if it is a specialty class, such as yoga, Sagewood will bring in top-of-the-line instructors to help facilitate.

There are various group fitness classes offered through Sagewood, including a strength class, a balance class, cardio sessions, yoga, tai-chi, swimming, and Sagewood recently introduced a karate class! There is something for everyone within these programs.

“While there are many health benefits to the group fitness classes, socialization is another huge draw for residents,” says Garrett. “These classes are a great way for people to go have fun, get their bodies moving, and meet their neighbors. Especially with the limitations during the pandemic, it’s great hosting these classes so residents can stay active and stay social.”

Sagewood offers several classes a day at both an intermediate and advanced level. Even in each class, instructors make sure to provide progressions and degressions for every exercise. By offering these modifications, individuals can find the perfect workout to fit their needs.

The group fitness classes are extremely popular and fill up quickly, so Garrett recommends interested residents sign up at least two weeks in advance. To sign up for a class, download the app Touchtown or contact any fitness staff members for help.

For residents who do not want to participate in group fitness classes, there are still many options to exercise at Sagewood. Personal training is another form of exercise available for residents who want a more personalized fitness experience. Personal trainers work directly with residents to tailor a health plan to fit their specific needs. Residents can participate in these sessions as often as they like, and most will meet with their trainer two to three times a week.

“The personal training program at Sagewood is a great option for residents who want more one-on-one attention,” adds Morgan. “Here, we can sit down with each individual, learn about their personal health goals and create a plan to help them reach those goals.”

“This is also a good option for people just beginning the fitness program because they will have a professional with them at all times to ensure they are working out in a safe and successful manner.”

For residents interested in attending a group fitness class or scheduling some individual time with a personal trainer call (480) 630-3502 or schedule a time to meet with one of the fitness program staff members.