Jump Start Your New Life in Independent Living

Many seniors equate the transition to a senior living community to a loss of freedom, when in reality, quite the opposite is true.  Communities are a place of enhanced independence and accessibility to outings and activities that residents may not participate in otherwise. In fact, there is a common theme among most residents – and one they readily share with their peers: make the transition early to take advantage of all the benefits an independent living community has to offer.

Classes, Clubs and Committees = Connection

The Community Life Services Director and the Activities Committee work together to welcome new residents, get to know them, and get them connected with new neighbors. A proactive approach and an array of activities provide ample opportunities for residents to find common ground with other, easing the transition and assisting the resident to become acclimated to their new home and campus.

A monthly activity calendar lists scheduled class options for residents to choose from. Fitness classes like strength training, core and balance workouts and yoga provide what it takes to get or stay in shape. Music and art classes are regularly on the activities calendar, as are educational options like lectures, seminars and workshops for those in pursuit of lifelong learning.

Independent living communities boast many thriving clubs of just about any variety. Community-wide book clubs are always popular, as are current events clubs that provide a fabulous forum for discussion on topics such as politics, to pop culture to local happenings. Card playing, like bridge and poker, draws many residents to the table for afternoons of friendly competition. Many groups are born of resident feedback and ideas, and communities are always looking for new club ideas.

Committees at senior living communities are made up of residents that not only want to be involved, but also want to take on leadership roles in developing community programs. Resident Committee members work together on planning, influencing engagement and more.

Friendships and New Interests Blossom

New friendships are an often-overlooked advantage of a senior living community that provides life-enriching benefits. There is always a sense of community on campus and new residents appreciate the warm outreach.

Senior living communities make it easy for residents to engage and learn in a supportive environment. Residents are more likely to explore the community’s cultural events, volunteer opportunities, outings, movie nights or happy hours when they feel connected and know familiar and friendly faces will be there as well.

Family Ties

When new residents share the transition with their support system, it takes the mystery out of the move. Family members that assist with moving, decorating and helping residents get settled in, feel connected to them and to their new home. Residents often invite friends and family to dine with them as a way to show off the wonderful dining options and meet new neighbors at the same time.

Using technology is also an easy way to stay connected to friends and family. Computers, iPads and smartphones keep residents one click away from friends and family.

Residents often find that making the transition to independent living is far simpler than they imagined. A wealth of options provides opportunity not only for participation in activities, but also to connect with other like-minded neighbors in pursuit of mutual interests. Social networks and new friendships help facilitate healthy behaviors, and recent studies have shown that close relationships and large social networks have a beneficial impact on memory and cognitive function. Independent living communities work diligently to ensure that residents experience both of those important components. So jump right in and enjoy all the benefits of independent living!

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