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How Old Do You Have to Be for Independent Living?

Retirement marks a significant milestone in our lives, a time when we can finally prioritize our well-deserved rest and relaxation. While some older adults may choose to stay in their current homes, many are opting to embrace a new chapter by moving into modern senior living communities. These communities offer a wealth of benefits that encourage seniors to lead active, independent lives while enjoying luxury services, maintenance-free living and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. But who exactly can move into senior living communities, and how old do you have to be for independent living? The answers might surprise you.

How Old Does One have to Be to Move into Independent Living?

The age requirement for independent living communities can vary, but generally, these communities cater to individuals 55 years and over. This age threshold is set to ensure that residents are at a similar stage of life and can fully enjoy the amenities and activities designed for seniors.

Why Might Someone Want to Move in Early into Retirement?

Moving into an independent living community soon after retirement has become an attractive option for many older adults. Here’s why:

  • Simplifying Your Lifestyle: Retirement brings the opportunity to simplify one’s life. With independent living, seniors can downsize their living space, leaving behind the burdens of home maintenance and yard work. This enables them to focus on activities they truly enjoy, without the added stress of household chores.
  • Social Engagement: Human connection is vital for our emotional well-being, especially during retirement when social networks can shrink. Independent living communities offer a vibrant environment where active seniors can build new friendships, participate in group activities and enjoy a strong sense of community. This social engagement helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness and even reduces the risks of dementia.
  • Access to Care: When residents move into independent living at Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), also called Life Plan Communities, they have a plan for their future built right into their contract. These communities, like Sagewood, offer higher levels of care like assisted living, memory care and long-term skilled nursing care either on-site or through a trusted care partner. Independent living residents can seamlessly move to higher levels of care at any time it’s needed with more predictable costs than care services on the open market. This allows residents to have peace of mind, knowing that assistance is readily available if their needs change over time.

The Many Benefits of Making Your Move to Sagewood

 Sagewood Senior Living is an exemplary independent living community that offers a plethora of benefits to its residents. It’s important to note that, unfortunately, many seniors wait until they need higher levels of care before they decide to make their move. Moving in while you’re still healthy and active enables you to take full advantage of the unique senior living retirement experience. The sooner you move in, the sooner you’re able to enjoy the many benefits of the community lifestyle, including:

  • Luxury Services and Amenities: Sagewood takes independent living to the next level with its wide range of luxury services and amenities. From beautifully designed apartments and estate homes to gourmet dining options to fitness centers, swimming pools and wellness programs, every aspect is tailored to enhance residents’ quality of life. Additionally, conveniences like salons, spas and housekeeping services ensure a worry-free lifestyle.
  • Maintenance-Free Living: One of the primary advantages of independent living communities, such as Sagewood, is the freedom from home maintenance responsibilities. Residents no longer need to worry about mowing the lawn, fixing leaky faucets or shoveling snow. The community’s dedicated staff takes care of all the maintenance tasks, allowing residents to fully enjoy their retirement years.
  • Active and Independent Lifestyle: Sagewood understands the importance of maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Our community offers a wide array of recreational activities, including fitness classes, cultural outings, educational programs, social events, resident-led clubs and so much more. By encouraging active participation, Sagewood fosters an environment where residents can continue to learn, grow and thrive.
  • Sense of Community: Moving to an independent living community like Sagewood means becoming part of a close-knit community of individuals who share similar interests and experiences. The bonds formed within this community create opportunities for socializing, intellectual stimulation and emotional support. Whether through organized group activities or spontaneous gatherings, residents can enjoy a sense of belonging and connection.

Start Your Exciting Next Chapter

By making the decision to move into an independent living community soon after retiring, individuals can enhance their overall well-being, foster new friendships and create lasting memories in a supportive and enriching environment. Sagewood and other luxury senior living communities serve as beacons of independence, encouraging seniors to embark on this exciting journey with enthusiasm and confidence. To learn more about how you or your loved one can enter our vibrant lifestyle, don’t wait to contact us today.