Benefits of Memory Care

Top Benefits of Memory Care for an Aging Adult

When a loved one begins to suffer from memory-related issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease they may no longer be able to live independently and perform daily functions. Initially, family members may be able to provide care and assistance, but as the severity of memory issues progress, 24-hour memory care may become a necessity.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a unique type of assisted living care for residents with Alzheimer’s or other forms of cognitive impairment. Individuals suffering from memory-loss issues can become disoriented, lost or be incapable of performing routine tasks. Memory care facilities provide a safe environment with structured routines to protect and accommodate patients with memory loss.

What are the Benefits of Memory Care?

Here’s a list of the top benefits of memory care for aging adults:


When treating individuals with dementia, the biggest concern is their safety. It’s not uncommon for unattended individuals with memory loss to become confused and try to leave a facility. A well-designed memory care center has clearly marked doors and no dead-end hallways that can cause confusion. Locked exterior doors are essential to prevent wandering, along with having a low resident-to-staff ratio to make it easy for staff to provide residents with constant supervision.


While residents in a memory care community will be provided with emotional and physical support, they’ll also be able to experience independence within the safety of the facility. Residents can engage in their favorite hobbies and socialize with each other. While they have freedom of movement and independence, at a secure memory care center, there’s no risk they could wander off the premises and potentially get lost.

Experienced Staff

The caregivers at a memory care facility will have training that’s unique from other assisted living settings. Individuals with dementia can exhibit unique behaviors like wandering, aggression and “sundowning,” a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and extending into the night. Memory care employees are trained to empathize with and care for dementia patients by having an understanding of their expected behaviors and how to address them with compassion.

Individualized Care

Caring for someone with dementia is unique, and requires a unique approach. At a memory care facility, caregivers get to know each patient and understand the ways that memory loss affects them. Their care plan can be tailored around the person’s unique needs and interests to benefit them the most.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition supports brain health. Individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia may have difficulty remembering when to eat, and whether or not they’ve already eaten. A memory care center provides scheduled meals, and caregivers make sure that residents are getting enough to eat at mealtime. Providing a variety of healthy menu options that can be tailored to a residents’ individual dietary needs is also important.


A critical feature of any memory care facility is socialization. Individuals with memory loss may already have reduced socialization, which can be compounded by moving into a new community. Memory care facilities offer a social calendar for residents to regularly interact with each other, allowing them to build friendships with other residents and the staff. Socialization isn’t just good for the soul — talking and interacting with others can also help their cognitive health.

Your Family Can Relax

Providing at-home memory care for a relative can put pressure on a family, creating stress and conflict. After the relative is placed in memory care, the responsibility of looking after them is lifted and everyone can go back to enjoying life again. The family can relax again, with the knowledge that the memory care center’s highly trained staff is looking after their loved one’s every need.

Life at Sagewood

If a loved one is suffering from dementia-related memory issues and at-home care is no longer practical, schedule a visit to Desert Willow Assisted Living and Memory Care at Sagewood. During the consultation we’ll discuss our personalized approach to memory care, along with how your loved one can benefit from staying with us. If you’d like to learn more about the memory care options at Sagewood, contact us today.