A Year For the Record Books at Sagewood

As 2017 comes to a close, the residents and staff at Sagewood are thankful for the many fortunes that were experienced this year. A close-knit community located in Phoenix, Arizona, Sagewood’s devotion to health and well-being are among residents’ favorite attributes. This year also brought some exciting changes to the community, as well as the continuation of many beloved programs and activities.

The Secret’s Out: Residents Can’t Stop Talking About Sagewood

The expansion of Estate Homes neared completion this year, with new residents set to move in March 2018. Interest in Sagewood has surged since the announcement of the expansion nearly two years ago. Residences are nearly at capacity, and potential future residents are on waiting lists. The community’s reputation aside, residents have played a big role in all the positive attention Sagewood has garnered thus far.

“New residents that come to us as referrals from current residents are up by about 50 percent,” says Ellen Devine, Marketing Director for Sagewood. “It’s a wonderful affirmation that we have happy residents, and that they want their friends to live here. Residents are excited about their choice and they affirm it all the time by reaching out to guests, and especially future residents. The culture here is very inclusive.”

A New Cultural Venue in Phoenix

Sagewood’s new event center, The Oasis, is a much-anticipated addition to the campus that will be open by the end of the year. With accommodations for up to 400 people, the access to culture and the arts for residents and the community at large will be unprecedented. It is going to be a first-rate venue for concerts and lectures, sure to become a jewel of the area.

New Ideas Gain Momentum

The Sagewood Film Society was born this year when a group of residents decided to screen movies that are less mainstream, but might be more meaningful. Each viewing party is followed by a discussion group. The movie Casablanca was recently viewed, which is set in Morocco, and the chef caught wind of it and decided to prepare a Moroccan-themed dinner for the group to enjoy in the courtyard.

“It’s interesting how the seeds of this idea started and how different departments at Sagewood got just as excited about the Sagewood Film Society as the residents.,” says Ellen. “That’s the kind of thing that happens around here, someone has an idea and we set the stage for it to blossom.”

One Big, Harmonious Family

Residents and staff alike would likely agree that the highlight of the year is the scholarship award ceremony that residents host for the dedicated staff and their families. Residents handle the entire event and the details of the scholarships.  2017 marked the third year of this moving experience of generous giving.

Employees and residents also connected at an engaging cultural event held on campus for the second year in a row. Because the staff is so culturally diverse, Sagewood hosted a fair to highlight and celebrate the different backgrounds and ethnicities. Staff members were invited to express their heritage using clothing, food, music and dance. It was not only educational, but inspiring as well. The large turnout was a testament that the residents not only want to learn more about the cultures that are represented at the community, but also engage with everyone who lives here.

Sagewood is a place with many things to do, places to go and people to see. As residents reminisce about the memorable experiences, connections and friendships of 2017, the Sagewood team is busy planning an extraordinary year to come. To learn more about ongoing activities and events at Sagewood, or what lies ahead in 2018, please call (480) 948-1398. Happy New Year!