Staff Feature: Laura Berger

Director of Residential Health Services, Laura Berger joined the Sagewood team in 2017 with immense experience. After graduating from ASU with a degree in Social Services, Laura accumulated her knowledge in the fields of sales, marketing, case management and administration within the healthcare and hospitality industries. Her resume is extensive and features group volunteer work, proving her love for helping others.

At Sagewood, Laura is responsible for evaluating residents’ needs and assisting residents in navigating the services that create the bridge between independent living and assisted living. She explains her job to cover “anything and everything under the sun” for the residents at Sagewood, making her the go-to person to support and coordinate their healthcare needs. In simpler terms, Laura’s main job is to enhance the resident’s life quality by promoting their physical and mental needs.

Laura is always striving to do the most throughout the community, as she runs four different support groups and teaches residents and their families about hospice when it’s needed. Her support groups include helping those in need cope with Parkinson’s, alcohol addiction, loss and grieving, and navigating romantic relationships inside the community. She is always volunteering her time and support to those who suffer from loss, helping them sell things they no longer need at no cost, but just the pure enjoyment she gets in exchange.

During the pandemic, Laura has acted as a gatekeeper trying to keep the community safe from possible exposure. Her door is always open, and she truly appreciates putting other’s problems before her own.

Outside of work, Laura can be found escaping the heat at her Prescott cabin. She loves to travel and has ridden horses her whole life. She promotes a healthy life for herself just as she does for others inside the community, staying active and connected to her souvenir-selling husband, two children and four grandchildren. Laura is pleased to be with Sagewood and plans on being there until she retires herself.