Sagewood Education Committee Invests in Youth

Residents of Sagewood are devoted to education. Their passion for the continued education process is clear by the well-attended and resident-led lectures organized by the Sagewood Education Committee.

This group of residents understood the large interest in life-long learning by the Sagewood community and volunteer their time to ensure classes are offered to all who wish to participate. The committee also discovered another common interest among residents — giving back. Many residents volunteer and make donations to local and national charities but most admirably, Sagewood residents wish to give back to those who help them the most.

That is how the Sagewood Residents’ Foundation was developed. This initiative was established to invest in youth education while also helping Sagewood employees. The scholarship program provides scholarships to the children or employees themselves of Sagewood.

“This program began as a small initiative in 2013 and is now its own nonprofit,” said David Deppen, Foundation President. “We are proud of the Foundation because the recipients are children of Sagewood employees, or employees who work in the restaurants or nursing staff. They are the wonderful people we interact with every day and who make our community a better place to live and enjoy life.”

The Foundation accepts applications from students currently enrolled in an institute of higher education and who are working at Sagewood. Scholarships range in amount and the highest award can reach $5,000. The Foundation has increased scholarships awarded since inception. In 2018, more than $150,000 in funds were awarded to 40 scholars.

“The donations come mostly from Sagewood residents and their families,” said Naomi Goodell, President of Development committee. “But in the past few years, we have expanded our fundraising initiatives to include events where we can highlight the scholars and encourage all resident to donate.”

The Foundation hosts events to honor donors and recipients during graduation and Sagewood residents receive updates on scholars in the community newsletter.

“The residents show great pride for the scholars,” said Marlene Ross, Scholarship Chair. “They want to hear about their success and make themselves available for mentorship opportunities.”

Scholarship recipients have gone on to graduate in the top of their class and the Foundation receives frequent letters filled with words of gratitude from the scholars.

“One student who is now applying to law school, emails me every month.” Marlene said. “He asks for advice and expresses his sincere gratitude for this scholarship. His mother has worked at Sagewood for over 5 years as a housekeeper and he, like most of our scholars, is a first-generation graduate. The dedication and hard work in these young people is incredible. That is the reason for our dedication — to help them succeed.”