Seniors and the Arts: Multi-Faceted Benefits

The rugged beauty and progressive feel of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona contribute to a vibrant local arts scene, one enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The setting of Sagewood senior living community in Phoenix, with its open-air southwest architecture, and breathtaking views over 85 acres, including the McDowell Mountain Range, provides yet another source of inspiration. Sagewood offers many opportunities for residents to partake in arts-related classes, lectures, and excursions; it is a priority in the community. October is National Arts and Humanities Month, this year marking its 30th anniversary, and when it comes to the arts, seniors have a lot to celebrate.

Explore the Arts’ Impact on Health

The pursuit of passions and creativity in seniors has measurable health benefits, according to a 2015 Mayo Clinic Study. Fewer heart problems and a decrease in instances of depression are two examples of benefits of engaging in creative-based art opportunities. The study also found a direct correlation between making art and experiencing fewer cognitive problems that often accompany aging.

If the pure enjoyment of the arts wasn’t enough, participation, engagement in, and seeking out mediums of art encourages health-promoting behaviors. Social engagement, stress reduction, physical and mental stimulation are more common in seniors who also participate in the arts; this can have a profound impact on quality of life.

Creative Expression Builds Strength

Those actively seeking out creativity later in life often re-visit old hobbies or pastimes where there is some familiarity with the medium. This builds on existing strengths, which ultimately builds confidence. Newfound capability often leads to the pursuit of new avenues of creativity or can also uncover unknown talents.

The adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, certainly rings true when it comes to the arts and communication. Art often serves as a non-verbal tool for communication, enabling us to connect with others. It stimulates conversations that might otherwise be difficult to initiate or not happen at all.

Creativity is Restorative

The arts can create passions, alter intellect, and affect behavior, emotions, and relationships. Creativity has a restorative effect on mind, body, and spirit. It fosters well-being through self-expression, which in turn promotes the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive and social functioning. There is a fundamental relationship between creative expression and healthy aging, and access to pursue it is essential to the human experience.

Take advantage of National Arts and Humanities Month this October by rediscovering a hobby, taking current arts participation to the next level, or picking up something entirely new. Sagewood values all that the arts have to offer. The community incorporates them into many programs and provides a wealth of opportunities for residents to enjoy art in many forms, both as a consumer and with hands-on experiences. Creativity promotes self-expression and self-expression promotes happiness, stress relief and connections with others. Thus, these benefits support the noteworthy findings of the arts impact on seniors.

To learn more about arts programming at Sagewood senior living community or to inquire about other services and amenities, call (480) 948-1398.