Sagewood’s Passport Program – Carolyne Epstein’s Story

Carolyne Epstein may not live at Sagewood just yet, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t taking advantage of all it has to offer. 

Carolyne is a Passport Member at Sagewood. As a depositor for Phase II, she was given the privilege of using Sagewood’s facilities. “Once I passed the initial medical tests, I was given access to numerous activities,” said Carolyne. “I go through the concierge and it’s very easy to schedule times to enjoy Sagewood and its lovely amenities.” What is the one feature she enjoys the most? The swimming pool.

Carolyne grew up in Ontario, Canada. It was during her summers spent at camp when she fell in love with swimming. “I’ve been swimming most of my life,” she said. “There were many lakes nearby and everyone swam. It was just the thing to do.”

Not only does Carolyne enjoy swimming because it’s relaxing, it’s also a great workout. “I definitely prefer swimming to the gym,” she said. “I do not like machinery. I tried the treadmill, but it’s just entirely too boring for me.”

Carolyne and her husband were excited to learn about Sagewood a few years ago. After seeing an ad in the newspaper, the Epsteins went and talked to the team at Sagewood to learn more. “We liked the whole concept,” said Carolyne. She felt it was important for seniors to have a community around them, and she sees that at Sagewood.

“it’s extremely important for seniors to have a community around them” she said. “It’s good to have people to interface with and to have activities to keep busy.” She saw her mother live by herself and knew that wasn’t the way she wanted to live her life. “There’s no way I would do that or want to be in that situation at that age.”

After looking at several different communities in Phoenix, Carolyne felt the most comfortable at Sagewood. “It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and comfortable setting,” she said. “Plus, the Passport Membership is great and allows me to enjoy and get to know the community before I move into my new home.”

While she made a deposit on Phase II, she is open to finding a home in Phase I. “You just don’t know what the future can hold,” she said. Carolyne also has several friends at Sagewood, and is very much looking forward to spending more time with them.