Finding Love at Sagewood

For most people, marrying their high school sweetheart is a way to find eternal love. However, for Robert and Joanne Brooke, fate had a different plan.

Robert and Joanne BrookesThe two met in the dining room at Sagewood. A friend of Bob’s noticed he was eating alone and thought he could use a little cheering up. The two would have dinner that night and “that was it,” according to Joanne. “It didn’t take him long to ask me out,” she joked.


Fast-forward and the Brookes are as happy as ever. Now happily married, the pair couldn’t be more in love. “I wanted this relationship because we fell deeply in love and care for each other so very much,” Joanne said. “He’s a great man and he gets tired of me saying that, so don’t tell him I told you,” she joked. Joanne went on to say they still feel as if they’re still in the “honeymoon” stage.

The Brookes participate in several activities at Sagewood. Both are active in the Wii bowling league and enjoy battling against other residents in weekly and “intense” tournaments. They also enjoy living an active lifestyle, making use of the fitness center and pool. “We are so happy living at Sagewood,” said Joanne.

Prior to living at Sagewood, Joanne was living the life of a pageant queen. She won her first pageant contest in 1991, where she was named the “Queen of Illinois for Seniors.” After going on to win several contests, she became in charge of the Cameo Club of Winners, an exclusive group of former pageant winners.

This year, all 31 winners are making their way to Sagewood for an annual luncheon. While all winners will be at Sagewood at one time, this isn’t the first time a few have come to visit Joanne. “A few friends come visit me every month, and they really enjoy it,” she said. For Joanne, she couldn’t be happier to have participated in pageants and says that it’s something you have all of your life.

She also works at Sagewood’s market, making get well cards, wedding cards and more. “it’s something that I really love to do and enjoy making residents feel good through greeting cards,” she said.

Bob is an experienced wood carver. While it’s done mostly as a hobby, he has participated in the Desert Woodcarving Show in Mesa, where his work was admired by many. Bob’s woodworking talent has been put on display at Sagewood, and most recently, his hand-carved wood creations was showcased in the lobby. He really enjoys his time heading up the Wood Carving Group at Sagewood.

For now, the Brookes are loving life. “I love living at Sagewood,” Joanne said. “It’s like being on a cruise ship without water.” It’s smooth sailing for Joanne and Bob as they look forward to celebrating their five-year anniversary this December.