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Healthy, Well & Wise

Our philosophy at Sagewood? Now is the time to live each day fully, doing that which you enjoy.

That’s why we have HealthyLifeServices. It’s our comprehensive program designed to enhance and enrich your active lifestyle by offering new opportunities for you in four essential areas of life: fitness, nutrition, active life and well-being. Want to get started today? Click the buttom below to download our interactive wellness guide!

 Sagewood’s state-of-the-art fitness center offers the Exercise Prescription Program managed by the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS). NIFS instructors focus on health education, orientations and fitness assessments—we’re proud to be in a partnership with them. We’re excited to have the modern equipment and motivational programming to ensure you stay in the best health possible—and have fun, too.

We also house the best resources to address any health needs you or a loved one may have in the future, in an environment they know and trust—Acacia Health Center at Sagewood. 

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